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Sound Healing Therapy

We´ve created this space in partnership with NGO ACNI – Setúbal Academy, a Cultural Association located in Setúbal, Portugal.

Our goal is to bring to our locals a new approach to sound, a way of incorporate the purest tones in our daily lives in order to achive some form of cure (physical, mental or spiritual), as well as promote new ways of living, facing challenges, follow the flow of life or just passing by in a a more meaningful, loving and fulfilled way.

Because believe it or not, sound, vibration, music as a whole have an enormous, and still to explore, healing potential.

We use tibetan bowls and other instruments specifically used for meditation, yoga and other practices that deal with our inner knowledge and growth.

For those who can physically join us, we´re having sound therapy sessions for all who need or just want to explore this path.

Meanwhile, “Be Chillin´“, the brand behind this concept, is available for you to connect to us and absorb the same benefits (through this website, our youtube channel or by following our Spotify playlist).

Right below you can have access to all our videos, choose the one who fits your day better and get some inspiration.

Music to stimulate the Brain | Study and Stay Focused | Mozart Music

This Be Chillin´video brings you Mozart inspired tones to relax and calm the mind, as well as potentiate inner capacity of our brain to focus, mantain attention, develop several cognitive features and much more.

Suitable to work, study and practice of mindfulness, this music is directly related with positive vibes and the capability of helping us finding an healing path, promoting our mental health, focus on gratitude and happy thoughts. Good for our brain and soul, we leave you with this little treasure.

Peaceful Meditation

Be chillin brings you a peaceful 30 min meditation music, inspired by the sounds of nature, full of positive energy and vibes, and perfect for yoga and those mindfullness moments.

Here you can find inner peace, happiness, your spiritual awakening and truly connect to your soul.

With the hope that you can reach the feeling of gratitude for what you are and have, always a source of inspiration and motivation for our day to day life, and be in a state of wellness and global (physical and mental) health.

Let´s take a closer look at nature´s wisdom, love more, be more.

Peaceful Energy Rain

RBe Chillin´now presents this 30min relaxing music and rain sounds, perfect for meditation, yoga, personal healing and selflove or selfcare.We continue with this sequence of sounds inspired by nature, its wisdom and positive vibes, in order to give you some tools for spiritual awakening, happiness, mental health and, consequently, an elevated energy so that we can face and embrace the beautiful moments of life.Let´s live in pure consciouness and gratitude for all we are and have. Let´s love and be more. And that´s all we truly need.

This sound is linked to the culture of meditation and yoga that will bring an incredible moment of peace.

Deep sleep music

Be Chillin now presents this 1h video, specifically designed for you to sleep well, helping you relaxing and entering deep sleep.

Based on meditative, peaceful and calming tones that you can use at night, while relieving your daily stress and start doing the shift into a more healing state of the body and soul. Because a good night sleep is always an indicator of our health, including our mental health, and a huge factor that influences our capacity of feeling perfectly balanced with ourselves, those who surround us, nature and the world. And a piece of the path for spiritual awakening, happiness and a true sense of gratitude for all we are and have.

Why not to try, listen to this such positive vibes and enhance the natural wisdom of our bodies?